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<strong>Fixed-Index Annuities</strong>

Fixed-Index Annuities

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<strong>Multi-year Guarantee Annuities</strong>

Multi-year Guarantee Annuities

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<b>Immediate Annuities</b>

Immediate Annuities

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<strong>Variable Annuities</strong>

Variable Annuities

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<b>About Us</b>

About Us

Serving clients since 1995

Financial Investment Services (F.I.S.) has been owned and operated by Donna McElroy in Metairie, Louisiana for the past 20 + years . Donna is a Retirement Protection Specialist that works to build relationships with each of her clients . You are as important as your money. She has reinvented the meaning of what an investment advisor can be. FIS helps people who are preparing for retirement and those who have already retired. She will work to keep your money safe and will help you to create your own pension with guarantees to NEVER outlive your money . At FIS, investing is more than just Finances...

<b>What Is An Annuity?</b>

What Is An Annuity?

An annuity is a contract in which an insurance company makes a series of income payments at a regular intervals in return for a premiums you have paid. Annuities are generally bought for future retirement income. Any annuity is the ONLY vehicle that can guarantee to pay an income to last as long as you live. Annuities are neither health nor life insurance policies. They are not savings accounts nor savings certificates. You should not buy an annuity to reach a short-term goal.

The value in an annuity the premiums you've paid, less any applicable charges, plus interest credited. The insurance company uses the value to figure the amount of most of the benefits that you can choose to receive from an annuity contract. Their are many types of annuities as well as ways to fund them. Finding an annuity product that is right for you and your situation and goals can be overwhelming. Contact an annuity professional to help assist you and making you retirement goals happen.

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<b>Where do you want your financial roadmap to take you?</b>

Where do you want your financial roadmap to take you?

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and provide you with the highest level of service.

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