Multi -Year Guarantee Annuities


Multi -Year Guarantee annuities are made for growth. They allow you to "bank" on the fixed rate that you can count on for a set number of years to help you achieve a desire goal. When planning retirement, although still modest in regards to the stock market numbers, a multiyear guarantee annuity is a safe vehicle of growth for your retirement dollars.

Death Benefit

In some annuities, upon the death of the contract owner, the accumulated value will be paid out as a death benefit to the designated beneficiary and can avoid probate.

Life Time Income

An annuity can provide you with financial security, peace of mind, and a steady flow of income until death of the contract owner. When set up correctly can also provide life time income for a spouse.


A multi -year guarantee annuity is a fixed rate annuity in which you earn a fixed rate of interest of a specified amount of time, much like a bank CD.

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